Initial Consultation

An initial consultation lasts approximately 90 minutes. I will listen to your concerns carefully and take a detailed health history, often asking questions which may seem quite unrelated to your condition but which are all very relevant in Traditional Acupuncture.

Medical and Lifestyle history

An important part of treatment success is that patients are open and honest about their condition and any lifestyle factors which may be impacting on this, as it is often the case that emotional stress is the cause of disease. Any discussions during treatment are totally private and confidential in accordance with the BAcC Codes of Professional Conduct. Many people find the treatment room is a safe place to express and explore feelings that may be difficult to share elsewhere.

Physical Examination

A brief physical examination will be carried out during the consultation, mainly including gentle palpation of your abdomen, taking your Blood Pressure and a test to detect any imbalances in your Qi energy. Your comfort is my prime concern at all times. You may be asked to undress, in private, down to your underwear at times throughout treatments, though a blanket will be provided for your comfort and modesty as required.

First Treatment

The first treatment may be carried out during the consultation and will involve gentle insertion of needles into your back which will be left for several minutes before removal, and then gentle insertion and immediate removal of needles on one or two other acupuncture points to conclude the treatment.

Ongoing treatments

Following the initial consultation your treatments will be carried out according to your unique imbalances. I prefer to work in partnership with my patients and may ask you do carry out lifestyle changes in areas such as diet, exercise and work/life balance.

Needling and Moxibustion

Treatment will involve the insertion of ultra-fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points. A herb called Artemesia Latiflora (Mugwort) which is grown and refined in Japan, may also be smouldered on acupuncture points – this nourishes and warms your energy and improves local circulation of specific areas. There is no risk of burning due to the technique involved and the treatment is very pleasant and warming.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha, a form of massage, may be used for some patients to release heat and toxins from the body. This will be discussed fully prior to treatment as it will result in surface reddening/bruising appearance on the skin as toxins and heat are released.

Course of treatments

Depending on the condition, treatments are usually spaced weekly initially, though it may be necessary to have several treatments in the first week for some conditions depending on severity and how long it has been present. Treatments are then spaced out as improvements occur to fortnightly, monthly or seasonally as required. Often other symptoms aside from the main complaint improve spontaneously as Acupuncture works from the core imbalance, having other unexpected beneficial effects.

The number of treatments required varies for everyone, as each person is unique no matter what their condition is. Many patients experience an improvement within 5 treatments, some take longer and require ongoing seasonal treatment to maintain balance and good health. Some patients have seasonal “top-ups” because it makes them feel more in tune with themselves and nature and more able to enjoy life on an ongoing basis.

After treatment

You may feel more tired than usual on the day of treatment. I always advise patients not to drink any alcohol on the day of treatment as this works against the beneficial effects of treatment.


Sometimes patients experience a brief return or flare-up of symptoms which they may not have had for some time – this is a healing response and indicates that treatment is working, releasing pathogens from within.

It is important that you advise me of all medications you are taking and give a full medical history. You must not reduce or stop taking any prescribed medication without first consulting your GP.